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Themed Routes


These family friendly routes are also suitable for the less experienced cyclist with many routes being off road. They range from 3 miles to 10 miles and more information is available on our cycling routes page.

Lapwing Cycle Route (pdf 662 KB)
Moorhen Cycle Route (pdf 659 KB)
Shrimp Cycle Route (pdf 505 KB)
Swan Cycle Route (pdf 1.49 MB)
Natterjack Cycle Route (pdf 1.17 MB)
Kestrel Cycle Route (pdf 1.69 MB)
Mallard Cycle Route (pdf 1 MB)
Asparagus Cycle Route (pdf 2.49 MB)
Curlew Cycle Route (pdf 559 KB)
Squirrel Cycle Route (pdf 880 KB)
Butterfly Cycle Route (pdf 475 KB)
Marram Cycle Route (pdf 504 KB)
Owl Cycle Route (pdf 1.19 MB)



These following cycling routes are longer however can be split into sections.

Pier To Pier Cycling Route (pdf 1 MB)
Churches & Monuments Cycling Route (pdf 1.8 MB)
Ribble Coast And Wetlands Cycle Rides (pdf 3.81 MB)
Cycle Rides In West Lancashire (pdf 2.07 MB)
The Sefton Circular (pdf 3.32 MB)
Ormskirk Cycle Map (pdf 1.34 MB)


3 Walks


Have a look at our walking routes which have proved extremely popular.  More details are available on our walking routes page.

Hesketh With Becconshall Heritage Trail (pdf 1.09 MB)
Walking Routes in Lydiate (pdf 1.01 MB)
Parish of Thornton Walks (pdf 1.65 MB)
War Horse Route (pdf 2.22 MB)
Wetlands & Waterways Walking Route (pdf 4.95 MB)
Yellow Hammer Walking Route (pdf 2.07 MB)



If you want the best of both worlds, we also have publications which have both walking and cycling routes in them as below.

West Lancashire Walking And Cycling Guide (pdf 4.37 MB)
Sefton's Walking and Cycling Guide (pdf 4.82 MB)
TPT Sefton West Lancs New Leaflet (pdf 799 KB)
Sefton's Walking & Cycling Newsletter Autumn Edition (pdf 4.22 MB)
Sefton's Walking & Cycling Newsletter Winter Edition (pdf 4.32 MB)


Family in Southport 2CYCLE HIRE

We have lots of cycle hire options in our area so check out the individual flyers below.

Cycle Hire in Crosby (pdf 610 KB)
Cycle Hire in Southport (pdf 592 KB)
Cycle Hire in Ocean Plaza, Southport (pdf 2.44 MB)




Great Days Out by Train - Sandhills To Preston Line (pdf 4.12 MB)
Great Days Out by Train - Southport To Liverpool & Wigan lines (pdf 4.4 MB)
Geocache Sefton's Coast by foot, bike & rail (pdf 3 MB)
Sefton and West Lancs Travel Map (pdf 13.48 MB)
Sefton Cycling Map (pdf 9.05 MB)
Cycle Maintenance Flyer (for all your servicing or repair needs) (pdf 788 KB)
Pocket Guide To Cycling (pdf 555 KB)

Rail covers for website




If you would prefer to receive any publications or flyers by post, please fill in our on-line form. Alternatively, they can be picked up at the Eco Centre, Esplanade, Southport, PR8 1RX