Cycling Routes near Train Stations

VISIT Sefton and West Lancashire are keen to encourage public transport use and with that in mind, we have several cycle routes in the Sefton area which all start near train stations.

Ainsdale Circular Cycling Route

Starting at Ainsdale Station the main feature of this route is the rich 'moss' farmland where arable crops have been grown for local markets throughout the ages.  It is often possible to see flocks of geese or other birds gathering on these fields on their way through to some distant land.  Whilst here why not visit the Ainsdale National Nature Reserve and Ainsdale Hills Local Nature reserve to see some of the beautiful dunes and woodlands in the area.  The route is about 29km long and a route map and further information are available.

Along the Sefton Coast Cycling Route

Starting at Blundellsands and Crosby Station this 9 mile route ends at Formby Station, however, if you wish to shorten the route then after 6 miles you can return via Hightown Station.  The ride is mainly on road, however, for a quieter ride, go north along the path by the Coastguard Station, this off road route takes you into Hightown.

The Crosby Cycle Route

Starting at Bootle New Strand. Typical of the urban landscape of Sefton, this 5.5km cycle route passes through industrial and commercial areas coupled with a seaside park, nature reserve and residential developments. The Crosby Cycle Route gives the ideal opportunity to visit the new Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, where refreshments are available in the Bistro or Cafe.