Waterloo GardensWaterloo Seafront Gardens sit in a conservation area in the seaside town of Waterloo, North Liverpool. Only a 15 minute train journey from Liverpool city centre, there are four distinctive public gardens to enjoy along the seafront: Marine Garden, Crescent Garden, Adelaide Garden and Beach Lawn.

Steeped in history the area has something for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you like to cycle or enjoy watersports, or just amble along and enjoy the beautiful gardens and waterfront.

Waterloo, previously known as Crosby Seabank, takes its name from the 1815 battle. The nearby 'Potter's Barn'is a replica of the farmhouse of La Haye Sainte located on the Brussels-Charleroi road which featured in the battle and nearby Wellington Street and Blucher Street call to mind the names of these two victorious allied commanders. (Picture below is a model of the original La Haye Sainte farmhouse)

Waterloo Seafront Gardens are not only of historic interest for their physical state, they also represent a unique social document of the history, development and growth of our community.  

Waterloo Seafront Gardens

The four gardens run south to north along the seaward edge of Waterloo, with the Coastal Park on their south-west side, and the road bordering the other. They are long and narrow; about 50 metres wide but between 150 and 200 metres long. From South to North the four seafront gardens are: Marine Gardens, Crescent Gardens, Adelaide Gardens and Beach Lawn. At first glance they look similar, with cast iron or new steel railings on the landward (east) side, and brick walls on side that originally faced the sea (west). However, each garden was actually has its own individual layout.  

Waterloo itself hosts a number of excellent restaurants.  The area is also easily accessible by road, rail and bus with the nearest railway station being Waterloo Station in South Road.