New Feature! - Cycle Ride of the Week - Ride 1

19 June 2017

Did you know we have lots of fantastic themed leisure routes in Sefton?  Well, we do and we now want to show them off, therefore in partnership with our friends at Active Travel Sefton, and following the success of our recent Sefton Circular launch, we are now launching our ‘cycle ride of the week’  which will feature a different route each week.

These routes have been designed specifically for cyclists and progress from shorter, easier rides to longer more challenging routes but still staying away from major roads and junctions. The routes all have a theme to them, so see if you can spot the wildlife or any of our iconic and wonderful sights as you cycle along.

We will feature 10 routes in total and at the end of the 10 weeks, we will be asking you to choose what your favourite is.

Unfortunately we won’t be there to assist on these, so if you are out and about and fancy a cycle ride, choose to ride our featured route at your own convenience during the week in question.

See it as a challenge and do them all or pick and choose which ones you fancy.  Each route will be announced at the beginning of the week.  Why not take some photos along the way and share them with us.  There may be a prize for the best ones we receive.

All routes are family friendly and will range from 3 miles to 24 miles.

Routes can be downloaded on a weekly basis, or if you are confident about doing them all  – let us know and we will send out a pack containing all the routes in question.  For this option, please complete the Active Travel contact form.

Individual routes can also be collected at the Eco Centre in Southport.

Week Ride
Week 1 (w/c  19th June)

Marram Cycle Route (3m / 4.8km)

The Marram cycle route is a short route taking in seaside views of the Southport coast.  It passes the Queens Jubilee Nature Reserve and then heads south towards the sandhills of the Ainsdale and Birkdale Local Nature Reserve.

Week 2 (w/c 26th June) To be announced
Week 3 (w/c 3rd July) To be announced
Week 4 (w/c 10th July) To be announced
Week 5 (w/c 17th July) To be announced
Week 6 (w/c 24th July) To be announced
Week 7 (w/c 31th July) To be announced
Week 8 (w/c 7th August) To be announced
Week 9 (w/c 14th August) To be announced
Week 10 (w/c 21st August) To be announced
It’s Decision Time! Please let us know your favourite by 8th September and don’t forget to send us any photos.  Please use the contact form or email us at



Don’t forget if you want to take part and don’t have your own bike, you can hire one in either Southport and Crosby.